CM portfolio company SKYSYS introduces third generation product and completes Pre- A round financing

According to 2018 International UAV Expo, the industrial drones market will reach $ 15 billion USD in 2022, nearly 12 fold growth from 2016. The continuous market demand for industrial drones is now challenging the whole ecosystem. How to enable drones to be more capable is now a critical mission. On the one hand, the maturity of 4G and the deployment of 5G have enabled the drones to achieve “ultra-long-distance” and “sub-second-delay” image transmission; on the other hand, miniaturization and efficiency of airborne smart chip enable the drones to identify the environment and achieve autonomous operation.

SKYSYS has introduced flagship product UltraHive Gen 3 “Start” which couples “sense of technology” and “humanity touch” in one holistic system. In UltraHive Gen 3, SKYSYS not only constructs a “home” that can be used for drone storage and fast charging, but also pioneered universal UAVs autopilot software: Based on BIM/GIS/UTM information, the intelligent software plans and navigates the UAVs following the rules of the air traffic and manages the battery big data. The intelligent guidance software uses the machine vision and auxiliary system to achieve precision landing even in complex environment.

SKYSYS has been successfully piloted in urban management, emergency attendance, power industry, photovoltaic industry, water affairs and public securities, etc. The new round of financing enables SKYSYS to start the replication of successful pilots, while at the same time exploring new applications where Skysys technology can bring customers real value by tremendously enhance productivity.

SKYSYS will also strengthen the strategic cooperation with drone companies to increase charging speed to a new level. And build partnership with Independent Solution Vendors (ISVs) to make full use of the data collected by the drones.

John Wang, founder and CEO of SKYSYS, said: “Lighthouse Capital Shanghai had invested in DJI and HESAI in their angel round with remarkable vision. We are very grateful for their investment, and we also thank the follow-on investment of China Materialia. Skysys has explored UAV-enabling technologies since 2015, and now is a leading domestic company in this area. In the next 2-3 years, we are planning to enter global markets.”

The new investor Lighthouse Capital Shanghai indicated that the industrial drone intelligent platform of SKYSYS has quickly covered the two main business areas of aerospace management and smart UAVs station. These core businesses are the key foundations to the development of whole industry. Starting from them, the meticulous and systematic services of UAVs will boom and flourish like a big tree.

China Materialia commented: “SKYSYS realized the district-level intelligent drone station networking application in 2018, and won the national first prize of the 5G Application Contest. We are impressed by SKYSYS’s vision in technology advancement and quick execution speed.  We are excited to continue to support Skysys in enabling more drone applications in civil management, infrastructure and industrial inspections.”


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China Materialia Portfolio Company Xingtera Inc. Plans to Establish New Smart City Platform and Augment IoT Portfolio with Qualcomm Technologies-Enabled Solutions

China Materialia portfolio company Xingtera Inc. is extending its leadership in the Smart City IoT solution space with the anticipated creation of a Smart City platform enabled by technology from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. The platform, named “Xingtrium”, consists of all the essential verticals within the Smart City domain. That includes Smart Street Lighting, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Public Safety and Emergency Systems, Smart Parking, Smart Transportation, Smart EV Charging, and Smart Power Grid and Utilities. Those verticals are integrated seamlessly via a Smart Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform.

Xingtera is planning to use Qualcomm Technologies’ cutting-edge technologies and vast IoT product portfolio to elevate and expand its Smart City verticals in the Xingtrium platform, and to enhance the delivery of smart services to communities around the world.

“Xingtera, a company dedicated to the Smart City platform, will leverage its technical expertise and vertical experience to drive the IoT ecosystem by utilizing the superior performance and rapid deployment of Qualcomm Technologies-enabled solutions. We are honored and excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies in these endeavors,” says Yuqing Niu, Xingtera CEO.

“Qualcomm Technologies creates the breakthrough technologies that change how the world connects, computes, and communicates,” says Jeffery Torrance, vice president, IoT, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. “We are proud to help enable Xingtera as they seek to break new ground in the field of Smart Cities and IoT globally with this exciting new platform.”

About Xingtera Inc.

Xingtera Inc., based in Santa Clara, California, was founded with a vision to become one of the brightest stars in the IoT product and service market. Xingtera focuses on developing smart solutions to address Home, Building, City, and Healthcare. We have deployed our solutions in those four markets world-wide. Beginning in 2018, Xingtera Inc. has expanded its role into a prominent platform player and established Xingtrium that integrates all the essential end-to-end verticals in the smart city market. For more information, visit our new platform at

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BASF Testimonial

China Materialia is one of the exceptional GPs in China with deep insights in technology and understanding of

the market. Investment in China Materialia is an important first step in building our local presence. Together

with our partners, BASF is committed to the industry and investment community in China.

– Markus Solibieda, Managing Director, BASF Venture Capital

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China Materialia portfolio company Prismlab receives direct investment from BASF Venture Capital

China Materialia is proud to announce Prismlab, a leading provider of 3D printing processes and 3D printers, headquartered in Shanghai, has secured strategic investment from BASF Venture Capital GmbH alongside co-investor Sabic Ventures.

The official signing ceremony was held in Shanghai on 3rd November 2018 with all parties in attendance. This is BASF Venture Capital GmbH’s first direct investment in a Chinese company. Prismlab has developed a patented printing process that is characterized by a very high printing speed, high level of precision and lower printing costs. BASF’s venture investment will enable Prismlab to further accelerate its product development and innovation while strengthening its market reach to the global market.

“This is our first direct investment in a Chinese company,” said Markus Solibieda, Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital GmbH. “The trailblazing technology from Prismlab allows large and stable components, such as medical braces and anatomical models, to be 3D printed for the first time. This investment supports BASF’s strategy of actively advancing our technologies and expanding our product offering in the 3D printing sector.”

“China is transforming from a manufacturing-driven to an innovation-driven economy. This investment in Prismlab reflects our commitment to further expanding our innovation capabilities in China, and BASF Venture Capital plays an important role in helping us identifying potential partners that lead us to success,” said Dr. Zheng Daqing, BASF’s Senior Vice President, Business and Market Development Greater China.

“The 3D printing technology must continue to evolve before it is set to change the world. At Prismlab, we aim to spearhead and accelerate that change by providing solutions through specialized customization. The investment allows us to stay laser-focused on our R&D capability, a key factor to achieve that goal,” said Mr. Hou Feng, Founder and Chairman of Prismlab.

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China Materialia’s 5th “Innovation China 2018 Conference” on New Materials emphasizes Chinese speed and Western mindset

China Materialia and Shanghai Strategic Emerging Industries Foundation jointly hosted the 5th Innovation China conference in Shanghai on November 1st. The high-profile annual gathering was attended by Shanghai government officials in charge of technology and innovation, leading multi-national companies (BAT, BASF, Henkel, Samsung, GE, Solvay, SABIC) with venture investment in China, representatives of many startups and entrepreneurs working in new materials and technology development.

Vice-Director of Yangpou People’s Congress – Xiaotong Wu

Officials from the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and the Shanghai Yangpu District Government delivered welcome speeches. There is a strong investment push from the Chinese government in upscaling China’s manufacturing value chain from a low-cost labour based model of the last decade to an innovation-led, high-tech based value chain model.  Shanghai area has emerged to lead this transformation by attracting many Western-educated and home-grown Chinese entrepreneurs and scientists to work together and build a world-class innovation ecosystem, especially in the areas of digital industry, smart manufacturing and novel materials.

China Materialia Founding Partner Dr. Min Zhou delivered a keynote speech on investing in materials space. Drawing on her thirty years of experience studying, practicing and investing in materials science, Dr. Zhou shared her thoughts on what works for creating high-value materials companies, and what to avoid. She advised entrepreneurs to build leadership position in a growth industry, court high quality customers, focus on innovation pipeline and seek solid margins for products. She cautioned against investing too early before market acceptance, entering price war, chasing mature industry, or having unsustainable innovation. In comparing China vs the West, Dr. Zhou pointed out that China excels at speed while the West comparatively hold advantages in IP and product margins. She concluded with China Materialia’s founding principle and vision – combing China speed and western mindset. Dr. Zhou’s speech, delivered with ample data and abundant humor, was well accepted by the audience and many conference speakers echoed her message.

Managing Partner & CEO – Dr. Min Zhou

Ten leading start-up companies presented at the conference, including four keynote speeches in a flexible display module: US-based leading silver nanowire transparent conductive film company Cambrios, China-based world’s largest silver nanowire transparent conductive film maker Nuovofilm, China-based nano-silver-film company Zennithnano, Cambridge, UK based ultra-touch technology company Cambridge Touch Technologies. Two 3D-printing companies also gave keynote presentation: 3D-Fab claiming world’s fastest 3D-printing with photo-sensitive resins, and Zero-Carbon building hotel resorts with inflatable composite fabrics. Four other start-ups shared their entrepreneurial stories on panels.Innovation China conferences have evolved into a leading open innovation platform for multinational companies to connect with start-up companies in China.As the main sponsor for this year’s event, British American Tobacco (BAT) delivered three keynote speeches, covering BAT’s strategic vision in transforming tobacco by delighting consumers in multiple product categories, and its significant investment in tobacco harm reduction science and technology. Further more, BAT shared its priority areas for open innovation technology scouting in China, to the delight of entrepreneurs in audience.

Besides BAT, several other multinational companies presented at the conference. Henkel Venture introduced its venture investment strategies and gave examples of its investment. Head of Transformational Technology Cabot Microelectronics Dr. KC Wu presented opportunities and challenges in semiconductor materials. BASF Venture and SABIC venture discussed their perspectives on investing in materials companies and investing in China at a panel discussion.

As part of the conference, China Materialia organised speed technology matching (or dating) event, where local startups were able to have face-to-face pitching to the multi-national companies during a 20 min session.  The multinational companies came away excited about the companies they met and collaboration opportunities presented.

Ed Forsdike, Group Head of Strategic Science and Technology, who leads the BAT venture fund explains: “Our early experience in China’s fast-growing innovation ecosystem through China Materialia has exceeded our expectation.  We are well on-course to build new technology partnerships that would otherwise escape our radar screen and we have reasons to be confident that they will prove to be very useful to enhance and accelerate our innovation”.

The conference attendees were impressed by the quality of start-ups, excited by the enthusiasm of multinational companies to conduct more open innovation in China, and encouraged by the belief of venture capitalists that China is among the best place to invest in the materials space.  Innovation China series of conferences bridge the East and West, connect technology and finance, and create open innovation dialogues to really make Chinese speed plus western mindset possible.

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Innovation China 2018 – New Materials Conference

November 1st, Shanghai Hyatt Regency Wujiaochang Hotel

The annual Innovation China Conference is hosted by the Shanghai Strategic & Emerging Industries Foundation (SEIF), a non-profit organization formed by China Materialia, whose mission is to bridge the East and the West, to connect start-ups with Venture Capital, and to promote Open Innovation and Open Entrepreneurship. Previous attendees of the Innovation China Conferences have included over 50 MNCs, VCs and more than 300 start-ups!

The theme for Innovation China 2018 is New Materials: highlighting opportunities and challenges of technology commercialization and venture investment in the materials sector. You will hear from the brightest start-ups in display, 3D printing and nanomaterials. You will hear from multi-national companies including British American Tobacco, Henkel, Samsung and Cabot. You will hear from leading Venture Capital funds in the sector, including China Materialia, Northern Light and Beijing Innovation Institute.

The Innovation China 2018 Conference also has a One-On-One Pitch session between 3:30 and 5 pm where selected start-ups can meet with the corporate Venture Capital arms of BAT, BASF, SABIC, Henkel and Samsung.

See our event website for further details below:


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China Materialia portfolio company Thingple Inc. signs strategic partnership agreement with Alizent

China Materialia portfolio company Thingple joins forces with Alizent – Asset Interactive to develop a common value proposal by combining their products and abilities within the domain of Beer Keg Tracking Solutions

Thingple, the Chinese expert in end to end RFID Tracking solutions based in Shanghai has signed a strategic partnership with Alizent, the global Asset Interactive company. This new agreement will enable Alizent to deploy Thingple technologies in its world-class KEGFLOW solution, as well as allowing Thingple to introduce and commercialize the KEGFLOW solution in the Chinese market.

KEGFLOW allows brewers to optimize their investment in Keg purchases. A scalable solution offering staged investment depending upon key ROI drivers specific to each Brewers individual circumstances. Different technologies such as UHF RFID are combined with sophisticated algorithms and reports to fully harness the power of the data collected. A statistical approach whereby only a proportion of the kegs within the population are tagged along with minimal scan points, intelligently located at key supply chain intersections, allow high accuracy reporting such as: cycle time behaviour at brand level, forecasting of keg availability, future purchase requirements and avoidance, loss rate trending and population sizing.

With offices in seven countries including the UK, US, Canada, France and Spain, Alizent has over 250 employees serving the primary metals, food & beverages, healthcare, and energy industries. Their teams have successfully implemented the KEGFLOW solution for many of the world’s leading Brewers during the last decade.

Thingple Inc. is an industrial IOT company with proprietary asset-tracking tags and readers that are specifically developed for industrial applications in a high metal environment. Thingple’s proprietary products and asset management solutions are deployed in MNC companies such as GE, Suez, Baosteel, Taiyo Nippon Sanso.

Alexis Duret – CEO, Alizent stated: “Our organization is committed to delivering innovative solutions to connect our customer’s Assets, collect data and extract business value from them. This strategic partnership will allow the Alizent KEGFLOW solution to be deployed in the China market, and at the same time leverage Thingple’s strong expertise in UHF-RFID technologies. The two companies share a common vision for impact of digitalization on traditional industries.”

Dr. Min Zhou, CEO, Thingple stated: “We are very excited to partner with Alizent in bringing the KEGFLOW solution to the China market. This partnership will expand Thingple’s circulating-assets-tracking industrial solution from Industrial gas cylinder tracking and chemical goods tracking to the beer keg tracking vertical. It is a win-win partnership to serve the end customers with high performance hardware and best-in-class software solution. ”


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China Materialia invests in SKYSYS Intelligent Technology Limited

Skysys Intelligent Technology Limited (“SKYSYS”, “The Company”) – a leading developer of drone empowerment system, which provides auto-landing, autopilot, auto-charging and data management for various UAV industrial applications – is pleased to announce the completion of 10 million RMB angel round of investment lead by China Materialia Venture Capital (

SKYSYS empowerment platform enables drones-flying to truly become an unattended closed-loop system. As a result, it greatly expands drone’s application scenario in industrial and civil applications and dramatically reduce the total deployment cost. UltraHive is a universal charging & parking station that is compatible with most of industrial drones. And Dronetel network, the management system in the cloud, stores the status of drone aging, battery degradation, as well as the optimal planning and scheduling for drone charging & parking.

Currently, UltraHive has been adopted in the scenarios such as smart city, smart grid, telecom bases station and vehicle. In June 2018, SKYSYS won the first prize of the 5G bloom cup sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and CAICT. UltraHive ranks as one of the Top 10 applications in 5G, the representative of networked UAVs.

SKYSYS was founded in 2017. Its vision is to build a drone ground charging network and scheduling network. The core team members are industrial experts in battery charging, battery management, AI and communication from leading MNC companies such as GE and Rockwell. SKYSYS has established extensive cooperation with key companies in the UAV industry value chain and has delivered multiple orders. SKYSYS is positioned as the leading company in drones’ hangar field.

John Wang, CEO of SKYSYS, said: “We’re delighted to welcome China Materialia, a highly-respected fund, to invest in Skysys. This investment is highly strategic for us. China Materialia has deep relationship with its strategic LPs, including Shanghai Lingang Venture Capital, SABIC, British-American Tobacco, and GE. SKYSYS looks forward to work with these strategic LPs to develop industrial and civil applications. This new funding will accelerate our business, product and market development over the next 16 months. We will work with our customers and partners towards mass production of SKYSYS empowerment system.”

Dr. Min Zhou,Managing Partner of China Materialia, said: “We are enthusiastic about the potential of drones in civil, infrastructural and industrial applications. Skysys provides an essential product for truly autonomous, large-scale use of drones. We are impressed by the team’s technical and commercial capabilities, vision for the future and its execution speed. We, and LPs of our fund, wish to help Skysys to grow into a leading company in the field.”

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China Materialia Fund II welcomes Henkel Venture as a new Limited Partner

The Corporate Venture Capital unit of Henkel – Henkel Ventures – further globalizes its activities by investing into the second investment fund of China Materialia LLC (China Materialia), Shanghai. The investment will enable the company’s Adhesive Technologies business unit to access the growing scene of advanced materials start-ups in China and adjacent Asian markets.

“China is an important market for our Adhesive Technologies business and has become a hotspot for material-science focused start-ups over the past years,” explained Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing, Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “China Materialia provides a proven expertise in gaining access and insights into the local ecosystem. The investment is aligned with our defined search fields for advanced materials and will further drive our corporate venture capital approach by expanding the footprint into key regions.”

“We are delighted to welcome Henkel to China Materialia Fund II. Henkel Venture’s search fields of 3D printing, printed electronics, batteries, functional coatings, smart building materials, smart packaging, IOT and digitization are very well aligned with China Materialia Fund’s focus”. China Materialia Managing Partner Dr. Min Zhou commented: “We are proud to have Henkel, GE, Samsung, BASF, SABIC and BAT in China Materialia Fund II, these prominent leaders in materials and advanced manufacturing technologies bring global footprint, strong brands, technology expertise, markets and channels to partner with start-ups in our Portfolio.”

About Henkel
Henkel operates globally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. The company holds leading positions with its three business units in both industrial and consumer businesses thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies. Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the global leader in the adhesives market – across all industry segments worldwide. In its Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care businesses, Henkel holds leading positions in many markets and categories around the world. Founded in 1876, Henkel looks back on more than 140 years of success. In 2017, Henkel reported sales of 20 billion euros and adjusted operating profit of around 3.5 billion euros. Combined sales of the respective top brands of the three business units – Loctite, Schwarzkopf and Persil – amounted to 6.4 billion euros. Henkel employs more than 53,000 people globally – a passionate and highly diverse team, united by a strong company culture, a common purpose to create sustainable value, and shared values. As a recognized leader in sustainability, Henkel holds top positions in many international indices and rankings. Henkel’s preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX. For more information, please visit

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China Materialia Venture Capital Fund II invests in Cambridge Touch Technologies Ltd.

31st May 2018 – Cambridge UK – Cambridge Touch Technologies Limited (“CTT”, “The Company”) – a leading developer of AI-driven, 3D multi-touch sensing technologies for smart devices – is pleased to announce the completion of a $5.5m Series A1 round of investment. Existing investors – Parkwalk Advisors, Cambridge Enterprise and Amadeus Capital Partners – participated in the round, and were joined by new investors China Materialia of Shanghai and Downing Ventures of London. Ascendant Corporate Finance provided advice to CTT on the fund raising.

The Company’s technology uses the world’s simplest architecture to deliver an all-screen, multi-finger 3D touch solution that can scale to all device sizes at a fraction of the cost of existing approaches. CTT technology sits above or on the display due to its high transparency, not underneath as with current opaque approaches. It is fully compatible with OLED and LCD conventional or bezel-less ‘infinity’ screens, including flat, curved and newly emerging foldable and flexible devices.

Due to sophisticated software algorithms and artificial intelligence, CTT’s next-generation solution is the world’s simplest 3D Touch architecture, employing just a single, piezoelectric based sensor for combined force and capacitive location sensing. First-generation competitor solutions require separate sensors, and are more complex to manufacture.

CTT was spun out of the University of Cambridge in 2011 to commercialise next-generation 3D multi-touch technology for smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, automotive and industrial applications. 3D Touch is an enhanced user interface which is now being deployed by all leading mobile and smart device makers.

CTT has attracted strong market interest, and is engaged with leading OEMs, touch and display panel manufacturers, touch controller IC makers and auto component suppliers for mass adoption of its technology in the near future.

Corbin Church, CEO at CTT, said: “We’re delighted to welcome China Materialia and Downing Ventures, both highly-respected funds, who join our existing investors in backing the rapid growth of the business. In particular, we are pleased that the progress we have made in key elements of the technology, and with major customers in Asia, has allowed us to attract investment from that region, which is highly strategic for our commercialization plans and roll-out. The company has a number of opportunities to exploit with its technology, IP and first-class team, and this new funding will allow us to accelerate business, product and market development over the next 18 months. We look forward to continuing to work with our customers and partners towards mass production, which is expected in the near future.”

Moray Wright, co-founder of Parkwalk, said: “We are delighted to have led this funding round. CTT’s disruptive technology and processing solutions could revolutionise the touch screen market. We welcome China Materialia and Downing as new investors and look forward to taking this technology forward to commercialisation.”

Amelia Armour, Principal, Amadeus Capital Partners, commented: “CTT is another great Cambridge university spin-out we are pleased to be backing. As we expected when investing at seed stage, the market for 3D touch screens has grown rapidly. CTT is now perfectly positioned to commercialise its unique touch technology.”

Dr. Patrick Berbon, Managing Partner of China Materialia, said: “We are excited to invest in CTT and join its Board of Directors. We are attracted by the simplicity and elegance of CTT’s solution for 3D Touch sensors in smart devices. We feel that CTT’s AI-based signal processing algorithms and specialized Piezoelectric Force Films, could enable a simple low-cost sensor architecture that delivers superior functionality, and scales to all device sizes, shapes and, flexible and foldable forms, and open up exciting new applications on these devices. We look forward to supporting the company’s growth.”

Richard Lewis, Investment Director at Downing Ventures, said: “We are delighted to be working with CTT and supporting the commercialization of their truly innovative 3D Touch platform. The high quality CTT team has developed a low-cost architecture that has the potential to disrupt the global touch screen market. We also look forward to working with an experienced group of investors to help the company to achieve its growth ambitions.”


About Cambridge Touch Technologies
Cambridge Touch Technologies (CTT) was spun out from the University of Cambridge, the world-leading engineering and research centre. It has a growing IP portfolio covering all aspects of 3D Multi-Touch technologies, from system architectures to advanced signal processing and low power operation.
CTT supports its OEM and supply chain customers with IP, know-how, analogue and digital technologies, and advanced system architectures.
Read more at:

About Parkwalk
Parkwalk invests in high growth, knowledge intensive companies seeking to develop and commercialise technology and innovation originating from UK universities, research intensive institutions and technology clusters. Founded in 2009, Parkwalk is the largest EIS growth fund manager focused on university spin-outs, having raised over £180m to date and backed over 80 companies across its managed funds since inception. or @ParkwalkAdvisor

About China Materialia Venture Capital
Founded in 2010 in Shanghai, China Materialia Venture Capital is focused on investing in promising start-ups with proprietary technologies in New Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Industrial. China Materialia Venture Capital Fund is backed by prominent multinational companies in materials and manufacturing, that include GE, Samsung, BASF, SABIC, BAT and Henkel. China Materialia and its corporate backers help its portfolio companies to form strategic partnerships and to grow in the China market.


About Downing Ventures
Downing Ventures—a division of Downing LLP—is an evergreen fund that in invests in Seed to Series A startups. Downing Ventures supports a variety of technology sectors, including enterprise and consumer software, deep tech, and life sciences. The fund has a portfolio of over 40 growing companies, and works alongside a number of investment partners and accelerator programmes and incubators, including the London Co-Investment Fund.

About Cambridge Enterprise
A wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Enterprise Limited is responsible for the commercialisation of University intellectual property. It provides access to early stage capital through the Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds, University of Cambridge Enterprise Funds and Cambridge Enterprise Venture Partners, and offers business planning, mentoring and related programmes. Activities include management and licensing of intellectual property and patents, proof of concept funding and support for University staff and research groups wishing to provide expert advice or facilities to public and private sector organisations. For more information, please visit:

About Amadeus Capital Partners
Amadeus Capital Partners is a global technology investor. Since 1997, the firm has backed more than 130 companies and raised over $1bn for investment. With vast experience and a great network, Amadeus Capital’s team of investors and entrepreneurs share a passion for the transformative power of technology. We invest in consumer services, financial technology, artificial intelligence, cyber security, medical technology, digital health and digital media.

Early stage investments we’ve made include genomic research data collaboration platform Repositive, massively parallel simulation platform, Graphcore, innovators in intelligent microprocessors, and speech recognition company VocalIQ. To learn more visit or follow us at @AmadeusCapital.

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