China Materialia organizes Innovation 2013 Forum with Anderson Business School of UCLA

In collaboration with the Anderson Business School of UCLA, China Materialia is organizing an Innovation China 2013 event that includes an Open Innovation Forum on November 15 and an Entrepreneurship Training Day on November 16.

At the inaugural Open Innovation Forum, some of China’s best and most innovative start-ups in the IT, Industrial and Consumer sectors will showcase their companies; open Innovation practitioners will hold candid discussions about their experiences in China and best practices; Law firms and venture capital groups will share their experiences in IP protection and making equity investments in start-ups. It is a great event for MNC companies to learn more about China’s innovation landscape and meet with their peers.

The Event will be held at the world-renown Shanghai World Expo Center that hosted the 2010 World Expo and now reopen with many new exhibitions.

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China Materialia invests in Octadem and Dr. Patrick Berbon joins its Board of Directors

China Materialia has lead a Series A investment in Octadem, a digital spectrometer company with offices in the US, Shanghai and Wuxi.

Founded by a group of “returnees” from the US, Octadem has successfully developed a portable digital spectrophotometer that, when used with accompany reagents, can be used for solution analysis. While bench-top digital spectrophotometer has been around for many years, Octadem’s core technology lies in utilizing inexpensive LED as light sources and proprietary algorithms for calculating spectral curve, eliminating expensive light splitting and filtering lenses, thus dramatically reducing size and cost of the equipment to the point of portability and affordability to target water quality monitoring and consumer health monitoring.

Dr. Patrick Berbon has joined Octadem’s board of directors.

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China Materialia Invests in Xingtera and Dr. Min Zhou joins its Board of Directors

China Materialia has co-lead a $10 M series B investment in Xingtera, a leader in communication IC design.

Established in 2010 by industry veterans, Xingtera develops innovative ITU-T technologies addressing two large, growing markets: Home Networking and Smart Grid Networking. With a proven leadership team with a successful track record of managing communication technology businesses, a world class engineering team that has pioneered the predecessor copper communication technologies, and offices strategically located in the US and China, Xingtera is well positioned to bring about the next generation pervasive connectivity for the home networking convergence.

Dr. Min Zhou has joined Xingtera’s board of directors.

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Camray develops first generation X-Ray tubes based on CNT and receives visit of Nanjing Party Secretary

Camray, a CM portfolio company, has successfully developed commercial X-ray tube products with carbon-nanotube (CNT)-based cold cathods. On July 24, Party Secretary of Nanjing visited Camray and discussed applications of Camray products in the X-Ray security equipment market in China.

Since CM’s investment in September 2012, Camray has very quickly built up a lab for CNT growth, X-Ray tube testing and X-ray power sources. It has partnered with domestic and international companies to develop commercial products utilizing its proprietary cold-cathod technology. The company has applied for over 30 patents to-date.

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Thingple brings new CTO on-board

Thingple, a CM portfolio company, has brought a new CTO on board to oversee the development of proprietary RFID products and solutions.

Matho Li, who joined Thingple on July 1, is an experienced RFID industry executive, having successively served in engineering and R&D manager role in Mergin Technologies, Inside Contactless, Ordicam RFID, IER and Impinj.

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China Materialia LLC completes a survey of Shanghai’s leading overseas talent program

China Materialia LLC completed visits and assessments of over 50 companies in the popular overseas talent program in Shanghai – yangpu’s 3310 program.

The 3310 program in the Yangpu district was established in 2010 to attract returnees who want to start up companies in China. The program selects entrepreneurs twice-a-year in a strict selection process that includes judging panels of technical experts and venture capitalists. The selected entrepreneurs get start-up grants and support to get their companies off the ground.

China Materialia Venture Capital Fund I has a special focus on “returnee” companies, and has assessed hundreds of returnee companies since the Fund started. Every year, CM systematically revisits most of the “returnee” companies in Shanghai and Changjiang Delta.

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China Materialia LLC selected by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai to survey high growth, high-tech companies in Shanghai

In an effort to engage professional firms to assess and survey the status of high growth high tech Small-to-Medium size enterprises (SMEs) in Shanghai, the Innovation Fund of Yangpu District as a National Innovation Demonstration Zone has selected China Materialia to survey and assess 500 high growth high-tech companies in Shanghai.

China Materialia has advised over 120 high growth SMEs their business plans and growth strategy, establishing a reputation for high quality, professional advisory services based on deep technical understanding of high-tech enterprises. This project with the Science and Technology Commission will further extend CM’s advisory services to more companies in Shanghai. CM will select companies in this project in collaboration with Tongji University who has developed a proprietary tool to select high growth companies based on a suite of criteria including revenue growth rate, number of patents, number of Science and Technology grants etc.

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Dr. Min Zhou was awarded “outstanding talent” by Shanghai Yangpu District

In a ceremony attended by Yangpu’s Party Secretary Mr. Chen and other prominent district government officials, Dr. Min Zhou, CEO of China Materialia, received “outstanding talent” award from the Yangpu District. The honor is bestowed upon individuals who excel in advanced technologies, management and other special skills

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China Materialia LLC invests in Camray, Dr. Min Zhou and Dr. Patrick Berbon join its board of Directors

China Materialia LLC has invested in Camray, a company founded in 2011 by a team of “returnees” graduating from Cambridge University. Camray produces carbon nano-­‐tube (CNT) based cold cathodes and X-­‐ray tubes for industries including X-­‐ray imaging, homeland security, and industrial inspection. It holds eight patents and is in the process of filing many more.

Dr. Min Zhou and Dr. Patrick Berbon have joined Camray’s Board of Directors.

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China Materialia LLC invests in Thingple Technologies and Dr. Min Zhou joins its Board of Directors

China Materialia LLC made an investment in Thingple Technologies, a company developing RFID products and solutions. Dr. Min Zhou, who invested in Impinj, a leader in RFID industry in 2003, commented: “RFID industry has huge growth potential in China, we are just seeing the beginning of industry build-up, there will be winners in all parts of the value chain, we are glad to back the Thingple team to start the exciting venture”.

Dr. Min Zhou has joined the company’s Board of Directors.

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