BASF Testimonial

China Materialia is one of the exceptional GPs in China with deep insights in technology and understanding of

the market. Investment in China Materialia is an important first step in building our local presence. Together

with our partners, BASF is committed to the industry and investment community in China.

– Markus Solibieda, Managing Director, BASF Venture Capital

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Testimonial 2

“Our early experience in China’s fast-growing innovation ecosystem has exceeded our expectations.

Our involvement in China Materialia has enabled us to consider new technology partnerships

that would otherwise escape our radar screen. We are confident that they will prove to be very useful

to enhance and accelerate our innovation”

– Ed Forsdike, Group Head of Strategic Science & Technology, British American Tobacco

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Testimonials 1

“China Materialia invested in Prismlab at a critical moment for the company.

China Materialia not only brought capital, but more importantly, global mindset and operating experience.

Prismlab’s growth strategy became more international after China Material’s investment,

which attracted investment by BASF Venture Capital and SABIC Venture capital subsequently”

– Mr. Feng Hou, CEO, Prismlab

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