Dr. Zhang Yan, the founder of Camray, and Dr. Dong Hu, the founder of iRock, both were selected in China’s “thousand talents program” for returnees in February 2015. Camray and iRock were funded by ChinaMaterialia as a lead investor.

Camray is engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of cold-cathode X-Ray tubes. Camray makes nanomaterial-based field emission electron sources with superior emission properties, which include high emission currents and extremely precise emission angles that provide a relatively higher intrinsic brilliance. Camray’s devices work in pulsed and continuous modes, delivering a higher peak power with lower power consumption. This kind of field emission source has broad and significant applications in the food safety, security, and medical sectors.

iRock is a digital core analysis company founded in October 2010. iRock offers digital core analysis and modeling of petrophysical parameters and fluid flow properties of reservoir rocks. The analysis and modeling are used by oil and gas companies to manage and improve recovery in conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.