In the afternoon of May 16th, Su Ping, the Deputy Mayor of Baoshan District Government, together with other leaders of Baoshan District visited China Materialia  and have productive discussions with our company.

Dr. Zhou Min, the CEO of China Materialia  initially made an overall introduction of CM establishment  for the  guests, clarifying that our investment mainly spanned emerging fields like new materials, advanced manufacturing, IIOT, 3D printing. She introduced, “for now, CM have closed the  investment of Venture Capital Fund I and is now undertaking raising and investment work for Fund Ⅱ.  In addition, supported and commissioned by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, we were making initial planning report for the Shanghai Industrial Transformation and upgrading Fund, which will surely contribute to the settle down of the Fortune Global 500 companies in Shanghai along with their advanced technologies, upgrading China’s relevant industry technology.

Strongly interested in the Shanghai Industrial Transformation and upgrading Fund that Dr.Zhou mentioned, Mr. Su hoped CM could further leverage its rich foreign advanced technology resources and cooperate with Baoshan District to attract more Fortune Global 500 companies to settle down in Baoshan. Besides,  the assumption of establishing a model of Basement and Fund in Baoshan was also proposed by Mr.Su. He stated , “Relying on this new model, potential small and emerging companies with first-class technologies could gained much more government support.” In the end,  Mr. Su gave CM some practical suggestions about the “Innovation China”forum hosted by us annually. “Striving to make the forum a more successful one, Baoshan will provide necessary support to CM. Let’s start it as soon as possible.”